Featured Projects

WIN News (2007-2022)
Weather templates, lower thirds, and in story graphics.
Fishing Australia (2009-2022)
Map location, lower thirds, playons and credits.
Alive and Cooking (2009-2018)
Opener graphics, lower thirds, playons and credits.


Squidsmarks was founded in 2005 by Shannon Reid, an Australian creative currently living in the coastal city of Wollongong.

Squidsmarks works with local clients to create logos, commercials and advertising material, music videos, and illustrations.

Reid has a wide range of skills and a desire to continue learning which leads to projects spanning across animation, advertising, building, furniture design and construction, landscaping, gardening and when there’s time music.

Outside of design Reid is also a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and Pilates instructor.


In 2007 Reid started working at the world’s largest privately owned regional television network, WIN Television.

This is an incredibly fast paced industry with tight daily deadlines required to deliver projects on time for nightly news and programs.

During his 15+ years in the television/broadcast industry Reid has worked on:

Print Projects
Billboards, print advertising, corporate stationary.

Animation & Motion Graphics
Program openers, commercials, character animation.

Local News Services
On screen graphics, in story information, news sets.

After-break super templates, in show promotions.

Live broadcast
Sporting events, award ceremonies, and live news crosses.

Website Design